Risotto with carrots in a spicy tomato sauce

Dear readers …

here another easy dish to make for instance once, like in my case this evening, you find yourself with an almost empty fridge!

I already posted a risotto with carrots https://food4wine.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/carrots-and-to…-sauce-risotto, but here I’ve made it in a very different, and if you want quicker way!

I’ve started from the basis: one onion to be cut in small pieces and a few carrots. You will need also one can of tomato sauce, some cherry tomatoes, chili in powder and some rice.


In a  sauce pan stirr the onion with some garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


In another sauce pan just boil some rice (any kind, the one you prefer: I have chosen the Jasmine variety).

Add the carrots cut in small pieces to the onions.


Add the tomato sauce and some water not to burn everything.


Cook for a little while going on stirring not to stick it.

Add also some fresh cherry tomatoes cut in halves.


Go on stirring. The tomato sauce has to evaporate a bit.


At this point add the rice with its residual water if it is not too much. If you like it you could even put on the side some rice water to drink. It is depurative and also calming for stomach disorders and acidity!


Go on stirring well. And let evaporate the excess of water.

20151129_201841 20151129_203212

Add some chili in powder and go on stirring.

And that’s it …

Garnish with extra virgin olive oil and some black pepper.

20151129_203500 20151129_203729

And enjoy !!!!

It is simple but it is really tasty!

And if you manage to keep the carrots a bit crunchy it is even better!

Thanks again and see you next post …



Carrots and tomato sauce risotto

Something summery in the colour, but that could be enjoyed either hot or cold …

A very easy risotto.


You just need 4 carrots, one can of tomato sauce, rice.

So let’s start cooking on one side the rice, boiling it.

On the other hand, in a sauce pan, still some garlic and one onion cut in some tiny pieces in some extra virgin olive oil.


After a few minutes add the carrots minced in tiny little pieces.


Stirr a little while. Add the tomato sauce.


Cook for a few more minutes. Then add little by little, stirring, the white rice.


Stirr and cook it a little bit more to melt all the ingredients well together.


Add some oreganon and spices if you wish (I put cinnamon and ginger too!).



And the day after, if you take it out from the fridge, it’s a perfect cold main course.

Delicious! (I’ve garnished it with some Carasau Sardinian bread).


Thanks and see you next …

Aubergines … grilled, or with olives and tomato sauce


lovely vegetable …

One possibility: grilled, with a simple sauce persil-garlic-extra virgin olive oil.

Another way … cooked in a tomato sauce with black olives and red onions … really tasty!

Here the two recipes together.


Let’s start from the grilled ones …


Like they were thin steaks, you have simply to grill them on the fire.


Garnish with the persil minced with the garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


For the tomato sauce ones.

First stirr in a sauce pan one onion cut with some garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Add the aubergine in cubes (cut).

Stirr a very few minutes then add the tomato sauce with some water not to make it stick and to let it cook too.


Add some black olives. Stirr and let the water evaporate while cooking the aubergines (they have to become softer under a fork, not anymore hard texture).

And that’s it!


As the first picture you could enjoy it like this (with additional extra virgin olive oil), or together with the grilled aubergines if you wish.


Another option would be to add some cous cous in the cooking water…

Enjoy anyway, the way you prefer!

Thanks and see you next post….

Pumpkin olives and tomato sauce pasta. Delicious …

Pumpkin …


I do love it. Cheap, healthy, tasty, rich in Vitamine A, a sweet vegetable, easy to cook and in so many recipes!       (here see also my pumpkin risotto!)

Let’s start with a sauce pan, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a white onion …


Once the onions are a bit cooked add the pumpkin and stirr … It has to soften (like carrots when you cook them).


Once the pumpkin is almost completely cooked, add the tomato sauce. And stirr. Then add some olives cut in small pieces.

20150304_13541720150304_13550220150304_140658 20150304_141120

On the other side cook some penne-shaped pasta.


In a baking tin just pour the sauce on the pasta and put the whole thing in the oven for a little while.

The more you keep it in the oven, the more crunchy the pasta will become.

To be honest with you I was a bit tired of waiting, so I haven’t kept it that long.


The result is anyway an incredible tasty plate just to be dressed with some extra virgin olive oil …



A fresh white wine could be a perfect match!

It’s a dish you could even enjoy cold, maybe even with some persil leaves to garnish …

Thanks again to be here!




Runner (or stick) beans in a simple and easy tomato sauce …

Runner, or so called stick beans are still green beans but the flat bigger ones.

Really nice and tasty, and they go amazingly well with tomato sauce. So if you are looking for an easy veg dish … here we are!


So all you have to do is to clean them (rinsing them) and then cut the two edges. Make them in small rectangular pieces.


Ok. So in a sauce pan put some extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and one onion cut in small pieces.


When the onions are a bit cooked (not brown!, just a little softed) add the beans, and after a very little while the tomato sauce.

Stirr, and stirr, and wait for the beans to change colour and texture (it means they are ready!).

20150118_150916 20150118_151113 20150118_152417

It’s easy!

You could add some spices if you wish, but the simplier sometimes the better!


And just enjoy! Don’t forget to add some extra virgin olive oil in your dish after having put it in a plate.

Vegetables healty and rich in fibers too!

Thanks again for reading me …