Smoked salmon and rocked salad pasta

Today a quick but yummy dish:

pasta with smoked salmon and rocked salad.

First of all on one side in a sauce pan boil the pasta. Add it to the water only once it is boiling. Stirr and cook till it is “al dente”. (tasting is always the best way to check the perfect cooking point).

On the other hand in a sauce pan stirr in some extra virgin oil one onion, cut in small pieces together with some pieces of garlic.


When the onions are a bit cooked add the smoked salmon cut in small pieces, and stirr.


Add the pasta and the rocked salad.



And that’s it!


Some ginger powder to decorate and extra virgin olive oil to garnish.


And enjoy!

Simple, quick and simply delicious!

Thanks for reading me once more!

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Octopus, potatoes and persil.

If you see my previous post, you’ve seen how I have cooked the octopus.

Now let’s make a salad from it with boiled potatoes and persil.

Just boil the potatoes.


Cut the persil in tiny pieces.

20150402_220223   20150402_220013

Mix it all.

Some extra virgin olive oil, salt, garlic if you wish .

20150402_220614    20150402_220505

And that’s it!


Enjoy …

See you next then …


Octopus salad

Octopus …

Usually it is sold already cleaned.

So just boil it like it is for around 50 minutes or more if necessary, for the meat to become soft.

20150401_14104320150401_141048 20150401_141319

Then wait for the water to get back at room temperature.



Remove the black top skin. And the spine in the middle (bone).

20150401_165744   20150401_170935

Cut the octopus in small pieces.


It’s ready this way for lots of receipes i.e. with boiled potatoes in salad …

Or just with lemon and fresh persil …

Up to you!



Thanks and see you next!!!


Carrots and fennels … a special “sald”

Need a refreshening light dinner?

What about carrots and fennels?


First mince the carrots.

20150331_194613   20150331_194830

Then the fennels.

20150331_195119   20150331_195208

Mix the two in a plate.


Add some lemon sliced, and grated carrots on the top.


Garnish with salt, extra virgin olive oil, chili, ginger powder.


Some brown bread to go with it.

And that’s it!

20150331_195918   20150331_195952

Healthy, absolutely light, but with lively taste!


Thanks again for being there all of you …

See you next post …

Aubergines steaks and hot salad …

Aubergines …

amazing veg …

This time, it takes minimum half an hour work, but it’s worthy.

Cut one onion in small pieces and stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic.


Add some celery too in tiny pieces.


Cut one aubergine in small cubes and add them in the saucepan too.

20150328_203816       20150328_204119

Let it cook a few minutes, then add a can of tomato sauce, with half a glass of water if necessary, not to burn it if there’s not much water from the vegetables and the tomato sauce.




Let it cook.


On the side prepare the other aubergine you have to cut in little round discs.


With some bread crumbs in a plate, and one egg stirred in a little bowl …


Pass the aubergines in the egg liquid and then in the bread crumbs.


Fry then the aubergines so prepared in some peanut oil, turning each of them after a few minutes.


And that’s it! Use some special paper to remove the excess of oil.

20150328_211223  20150328_213048  20150328_213101

Then in a plate next to the fried aubergines put the hot aubergine salad prepared before.



With some whole grain bread.

Thanks again for being there …

See you next …


Seabass in the oven. Simple and healthy.

Seabass …

A lovely taste fish meat!


Simply once cleaned from the insides and from the scales, put the seabass in a bakery tin with just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and some garlic.


Put it in the oven already hot and cook minimum half an hour.

To see if it’s cooked the best rule is to see if the meat is easy detachable from the central spine bone.

20150303_211901 20150303_211331

If the answer is yes, and the meat is not sticky, then the fish is cooked! And of course the eye has to become white!

So enjoy!


I did it with a glass of Le Arenarie 2013 from Sella & Mosca, Sardinian winery (a Sauvignon wine zesty even in the colour, fresh, with a touch of minerality, a slight pleasant bitterness (graphite) and an echo of green cooked notes, ginger, lime, candied cedar, almond … ), and as a side some salad! just with extra virgin olive oil and a bit of fresh garlic and salt!

20150303_214758       20150303_215053

Thanks again!

Take care