Venere Rice with Pumpkins

Hi everyone … it has been a while, I know …

But I’ve been 4 months working in Sardinia, and no way to cook there, I had no kitchen.

Anyway, no more excuses now.

I will start back with this post, a simple and healthy dish: Venere black risotto with pumpkin.

I have to tell you that the black Venere rice I’ve used, I bought it in Sardinia. Amazing taste, even by itself.

Here’s the picture.


So let’s start boiling the rice on one side, on the other hand, in a saucepan, stirr some garlic and one onion (or shallot if you wish to have even a milder taste).


Once they have started to cook, add the pumpkin previously cut in pieces.


The smaller you cut the pumpkin, also the quicker and more easily it will cook, but even bigger pieces will melt and be cut with a wooden spoon while stirring later, so do not worry too much, and like carrots, pumpkin doesn’t have to be cooked too much, not to lose too much the vitamins (vitamin A in particular).


Once the pumpkin is cooked (and you will see it because you will be able to cut it with a wooden spoon (it shouldn’t taste anymore crounchy, but softer, though not too soft anyway), add the Venere rice.


If you don’t exaggerate with the water you will see that after 40 min all the rice water will be almost evaporated, that means even more concentration of nutrients. No particular need to add water to the pumpkin, but use the rice water, if there’s any left, and if needed. Pumpkin is usually quite rich in water, and it is important not to have too much of it in the sauce pan, because we do not want the pumkin to be boiled but stirred in the garlic and onion.

So add the rice and stirr for a few minutes to let both rice and pumkin mix and become tasty. Attention not to burn it, but the mixture has to become a bit drier.


And that’s it. Job done!

You could decorate with some chili, and of course extra virgin olive oil.



And you could have it also as a cold main course the day after (keep it in the fridge, but put it in the fridge once is not too hot anymore).


Thank you very much for reading me again …

See you soon! Next post …

Take care












Farro pasta with pumpkin and anchovies

Something really delicious I did by chanche …

Farro pasta, with pumpkin and anchovies … so tasty!!!


Cook some farro pasta.


In a sauce pan stirr a golden onion, and cook the pumpkin cut in small cubes.

Add the anchovies cut in small pieces.



Add the pasta in the sauce pan and mix it all.


And that’s it!

Don’t add any salt because of the anchovies.

Just some extra virgin olive oil in your plate. And enjoy!!!


Thanks again for reading me …

See you soon!


Pumpkin cous cous

Another very simple and quick recipe: cous cous with pumpkin!

Let’s start cooking the pumpkin in a sauce pan.

Stirr one yellow onion with garlic in a sauce pan with extra virgin olive oil.

Add the pumpkin washed and cut in small rectangula pieces.


Let the pumkin cook till it gets softer.

Once cooked, add some cous cous and water.


Stirr a lot not to stick it.

Wait till the cous cous is cooked (you will see it from the dimensions: bigger and also if you taste it, it won’t be harde anymore).

Let all the water evaporate while the cous cous’s cooking, stirring also.


Leave the cous cous another few minutes in the sauce pan to settle.


Serve it hot and garnish with extra virgin olive oil and pepper if you wish.


You could also add some ginger, even before in the sauce pan while cooking. And chili if you wish, for a spicy touch.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading …

See you soon!

Pumpkin spicy cous cous

Another easy and quick dish to prepare …


the longest thing is to cut the pumpkin.

Let’s start from a sauce pan, garlic, a couple of small shallots or white onions. Stirr fry them (cut) a couple of minutes with some extra virgin olive oil.


Cut the pumpkin and add it.


Let it cook.

Add some water and the cous cous (not too much, a third in volume if compared with the pumpkin).


Stirr (not to stick it). Let the cous cous cook, and if necessary add more water.


Let the water evaporate.

Garnish with some ginger powder, white pepper …

and in the plate oreganon, chili, salt if you wish …


And enjoy it with some extra virgin olive oil too.



See you next …

Brown rice with salmon and pumpkin …

Today something new …

Brown rice, with salmon and pumpkin!!!

Healthy pumkin (vitamin A) and salmon (rich in omega-3) …

Let’s start with cutting one onion (blond as well is fine), and some garlic.


Stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil (not too much).

Then cut the pumpking in small cubes (pieces).

Add it in the sauce pan when the onions are a bit shrunk. Stirr and let the pumpkin cook and become softer.


Next to the sauce pan with the pumpkin, cook some brown rice.


Then add the smoked salmon cut in small pieces.

20150330_141629  20150330_141740

Stirr. Then add the persil cut in small pieces too.

20150330_14194420150330_142137     20150330_142157

Add the rice, and go on stirring for a very few minutes.

20150330_142231  20150330_142318  20150330_142322

And that’s it!



Enjoy! and garnish with extra virgin olive oil and some ginger powder!


Fantastic … and a bit Oriental too … and it takes 20 minutes, no more.

Thanks and see you next …

Pumpkin olives and tomato sauce pasta. Delicious …

Pumpkin …


I do love it. Cheap, healthy, tasty, rich in Vitamine A, a sweet vegetable, easy to cook and in so many recipes!       (here see also my pumpkin risotto!)

Let’s start with a sauce pan, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a white onion …


Once the onions are a bit cooked add the pumpkin and stirr … It has to soften (like carrots when you cook them).


Once the pumpkin is almost completely cooked, add the tomato sauce. And stirr. Then add some olives cut in small pieces.

20150304_13541720150304_13550220150304_140658 20150304_141120

On the other side cook some penne-shaped pasta.


In a baking tin just pour the sauce on the pasta and put the whole thing in the oven for a little while.

The more you keep it in the oven, the more crunchy the pasta will become.

To be honest with you I was a bit tired of waiting, so I haven’t kept it that long.


The result is anyway an incredible tasty plate just to be dressed with some extra virgin olive oil …



A fresh white wine could be a perfect match!

It’s a dish you could even enjoy cold, maybe even with some persil leaves to garnish …

Thanks again to be here!




Black cabbage and pumpkin … colours and vegetables!

Winter time, still …

What about a warm second dish with just healthy vegetables?

Black cabbage … very common in Tuscan dishes, a bit bitter but nice just because of its character.


And pumpkin! Yes it’s Carneval …


So let’s start cooking them separately … For the cabbage just water (add the cabbage when the water’s boiling), for the pumpkin first a red onion with some garlic to be dried a bit in the sauce pan with some oil (always extra virgin), before adding the “orange”…



The pumpkin has to become soft (test it with a fork, if it’s still too hard wait, and it has to loose a bit of water too).

The cabbage as well, you will see, from hard big leaves, it will get softer (again, not too soft, but a bit yes, see the differences in the pictures?).



When the cabbage is cooked just cut it in smaller pieces and then add it to the pumpkin, so that the two could get well married together.




Add a bit of water (just a very tiny bit) and some cous cous.

It will take a few more minutes, just the time for the cous cous to cook.


Go on stirring just a few seconds, paying attention not to burn anything. But all the remaining water has to evaporate.


Ok …

Now you are free to see what spices you prefer to add.

Ginger, some chili … your taste!

And don’t forget extra virgin olive oil (if you wish even some fresh garlic too, cut in tiny small pieces or smashed).

And ENJOY!!!

I advise you to try it even cold the day after or in the same evening (if you prepare it lunch time).

It’s really tasty!



The bitter of the cabbage with the sweet of the pumpkin …

Remember the opposites attract each other!


See you next!!!