Pumpkin cous cous

Another very simple and quick recipe: cous cous with pumpkin!

Let’s start cooking the pumpkin in a sauce pan.

Stirr one yellow onion with garlic in a sauce pan with extra virgin olive oil.

Add the pumpkin washed and cut in small rectangula pieces.


Let the pumkin cook till it gets softer.

Once cooked, add some cous cous and water.


Stirr a lot not to stick it.

Wait till the cous cous is cooked (you will see it from the dimensions: bigger and also if you taste it, it won’t be harde anymore).

Let all the water evaporate while the cous cous’s cooking, stirring also.


Leave the cous cous another few minutes in the sauce pan to settle.


Serve it hot and garnish with extra virgin olive oil and pepper if you wish.


You could also add some ginger, even before in the sauce pan while cooking. And chili if you wish, for a spicy touch.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading …

See you soon!


Risotto with carrots in a spicy tomato sauce

Dear readers …

here another easy dish to make for instance once, like in my case this evening, you find yourself with an almost empty fridge!

I already posted a risotto with carrots https://food4wine.wordpress.com/2015/05/25/carrots-and-to…-sauce-risotto, but here I’ve made it in a very different, and if you want quicker way!

I’ve started from the basis: one onion to be cut in small pieces and a few carrots. You will need also one can of tomato sauce, some cherry tomatoes, chili in powder and some rice.


In a  sauce pan stirr the onion with some garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


In another sauce pan just boil some rice (any kind, the one you prefer: I have chosen the Jasmine variety).

Add the carrots cut in small pieces to the onions.


Add the tomato sauce and some water not to burn everything.


Cook for a little while going on stirring not to stick it.

Add also some fresh cherry tomatoes cut in halves.


Go on stirring. The tomato sauce has to evaporate a bit.


At this point add the rice with its residual water if it is not too much. If you like it you could even put on the side some rice water to drink. It is depurative and also calming for stomach disorders and acidity!


Go on stirring well. And let evaporate the excess of water.

20151129_201841 20151129_203212

Add some chili in powder and go on stirring.

And that’s it …

Garnish with extra virgin olive oil and some black pepper.

20151129_203500 20151129_203729

And enjoy !!!!

It is simple but it is really tasty!

And if you manage to keep the carrots a bit crunchy it is even better!

Thanks again and see you next post …


Califlower cous cous with anchovies

Dear readers …

today an easy dish.

Cous cous with califlower and anchovies.

Let’s start cooking the califlower:

Remove the big leaves and the hardest trunk. Cut the califlower in big pieces and cook it in boiling water (put it in the water only once it is boiling).


In a sauce pan stirr one golden onion, cut in small pieces, with some garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


The califlower is done when it will be softer if we plunge a fork in it. So that it will be easier as well to mince it in smaller pieces.

Once the onions start to shrink, add the califlower in the sauce pan.


Stirr well because it doesn’t have to burn!

Once it is more melted add some cous cous, goig on stirring and adding also some water not to let it burn, but letting it cook.


Add also some anchovies cut in small pieces.


Let the cous cous cook properly (the tiny “balls” have to grow in volume and get soft!). Even the califlower will become more melted. It is very important in this sense the texture of the califlower: when you boil it, it doesn’t have to be over cooked. It has to remain a bit firm, even if softer than raw of course, so that later in the sauce pan it becomes just perfect! To be sure just taste it from time to time if you wish, even while it is boiling if for you the fork test is not convincing!


Go on stirring till it everything will be well mixed and cooked. And that’s it!

For the decoration, and not only for that, you could add some ginger powder. And of course extra virgin olive oil.


What is left, juststore it in a small glass container in the fridge.

The day after remove the cous cous from the fridge: it will have taken the shape of the container!

You could serve it as it is, even cold. Delicious!

I have just added two leaves of sage, and some pepper!


And thanks again for reading me …

See you next!

Take care …

Brown rice risotto with courgette and eggs

Dear readers,

back here again … in a grey day here in Florence …

Today another simple recipe. Quite quick to make: brown rice risotto with courgette and eggs.

Let’s start with boiling the brown rice, not too much water because we ideally would like it all to evaporate in the end, or almost all of it.

While the rice is cooking, in a sauce pan just stirr in some extra virgin olive oil one red onion cut in small pieces (if you wish also with some pieces of garlic).

Once the onion starts to cook add some courgettes cut in small pieces (or cubes if you prefer).

Once the courgettes start to become soft enough (just no more crunchy), add the rice previously cooked, with its residual water (if there is any). And stirr. Lower the flame if necessary.

Let all the ingredients melt well together and get drier.

At this point pour one egg first stirred.

Stirr well to let the egg cook and become a liaison for the whole dish.

And that’s it!

If you wish to add spices like ginger in powder or pepper … but even just some extra virgin olive oil could be enough.



And thanks again for reading me …

See you next …

Vegetables lasagne

Long preparation, and lots of possible alternatives … so be creative!

I wanted this time to make vegeterian lasagne.

So I’ve started from cutting the vegetables (onions (one or two), carrots (around 6 medium), celery (two big ones) in tiny little pieces with the mincer.


Then stirr fry the onion in a sauce pan with extra virgin olive oil.


Add then the other minced vegetables.


Cook a bit.


Add also a couple of courgettes cut in small pieces. Some red wine (I did it with a Cannonau Riserva Sella & Mosca 2011)


Then add the tomato sauce and some water if necessary and let it cook for a long while.


Prepare one califlower boiled, then mixed the pieces with a mixer to make a cream.

Boil some potatoes and then mix them in the micer too.


Prepare the pasta in “pages” for lasagne: just cook a bit each sheet in boiling water (with a drop of oil not to let the “pages” stick with each other) so that it will be easy to display them in a tray for the oven cooking.


So first the pasta, then layers of potatoes, califlower, vegetable sauce (ragu kind but with no meat)…


Cook it all in the oven till the pasta will be cooked and everything will be homogeneous.


And simply enjoy!

I have added a few pieces of pecorino cheese on the top. You could even add some olives minced inside…


Chili or pepper or whatever you feel like adding for extra taste.


Enjoy! Even the day after from the fridge!


Thanks and see you next …

“Ruote” pasta with aubergines and spicy tomato sauce

Pasta …


Tasty pasta with spicy aubergines and tomato sauce …

Let’s start from garlic, extra virgin olive oil, one cut onion.

20150425_20502120150425_204715  20150425_205000

Let it all stirr a few minutes, then add the aubergine cut (one or two depending on size).


Let it shrink a bit then add the tomato sauce. Add some water too, not to burn it all.

20150425_205756   20150425_210049


Next to it cook some rotelle pasta in boiling water.


Add, when cooked, the pasta to the aubergines and sauce.


Dress in the plate with chili, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and salt (if you wish).



Thanks …

See you next …

Spring vegetables quick dinner

My quick, light, vegetables dinner …

first I’ve stirred one onion and garlic with extra virgin olive oil,

then I’ve added some peppers and a few bites of fennel.


Some walnut pieces.

Asparagus just boiled.


And that’s it.


Botargo and extra virgin olive oil dressing.

20150419_201702     20150419_202206


Thanks and …

See you soon!


Brown rice with salmon and pumpkin …

Today something new …

Brown rice, with salmon and pumpkin!!!

Healthy pumkin (vitamin A) and salmon (rich in omega-3) …

Let’s start with cutting one onion (blond as well is fine), and some garlic.


Stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil (not too much).

Then cut the pumpking in small cubes (pieces).

Add it in the sauce pan when the onions are a bit shrunk. Stirr and let the pumpkin cook and become softer.


Next to the sauce pan with the pumpkin, cook some brown rice.


Then add the smoked salmon cut in small pieces.

20150330_141629  20150330_141740

Stirr. Then add the persil cut in small pieces too.

20150330_14194420150330_142137     20150330_142157

Add the rice, and go on stirring for a very few minutes.

20150330_142231  20150330_142318  20150330_142322

And that’s it!



Enjoy! and garnish with extra virgin olive oil and some ginger powder!


Fantastic … and a bit Oriental too … and it takes 20 minutes, no more.

Thanks and see you next …

Aubergines steaks and hot salad …

Aubergines …

amazing veg …

This time, it takes minimum half an hour work, but it’s worthy.

Cut one onion in small pieces and stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic.


Add some celery too in tiny pieces.


Cut one aubergine in small cubes and add them in the saucepan too.

20150328_203816       20150328_204119

Let it cook a few minutes, then add a can of tomato sauce, with half a glass of water if necessary, not to burn it if there’s not much water from the vegetables and the tomato sauce.




Let it cook.


On the side prepare the other aubergine you have to cut in little round discs.


With some bread crumbs in a plate, and one egg stirred in a little bowl …


Pass the aubergines in the egg liquid and then in the bread crumbs.


Fry then the aubergines so prepared in some peanut oil, turning each of them after a few minutes.


And that’s it! Use some special paper to remove the excess of oil.

20150328_211223  20150328_213048  20150328_213101

Then in a plate next to the fried aubergines put the hot aubergine salad prepared before.



With some whole grain bread.

Thanks again for being there …

See you next …


Easy and quick onions eggs. Onions “Frittata” (omelette) or scrambled eggs

Eggs: so rich in proteins and not just proteins …

Today I will tell you my scrambled eggs with onions.

Easy quick.

Just cut an onion in small pieces and stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil.

Then add the eggs.


(without stirring, but stirring the eggs before pouring them, you would made a proper “frittata” omelette, here is scrambled eggs actually)


Just let it cook a very few minutes.

And enjoy!

If you wish with some side bread, or here Carasau bread.


Tasty, easy, quick and rich in healthy proteins …

Cholesterol … well yes … but a normal adult would need 900 mg per day, so the amount we don’t get with the daily food intake we just produce it. Different story for who doesn’t have it right already in the blood system, and its regulation. That is another story, and in that case I would not recommend too many eggs per week.

But for normal people they are ok! And rich also in B 12 vitamine …


and see you next!