Fries … potatoes and also fried aubergines (eggplant)

Fries …

The pleasure of making them yourself…

Start peeling the potatoes.

20150516_154140   20150516_153603

Then prepare a sauce pan with a good thick layer of peanuts oil (it has to be boiling hot! so pay attention, no drops of water around otherwise you will have splits around, heavy and dangerous of boiling oil!)

Cut the potatoes rinsed under water in small long and not too thick pieces.


Fry them till brownish.

20150516_155931     20150516_161452

For the aubergines you have so many options as you maybe have already seen here on this blog.

20150516_144053     20150516_144108

This time I have just quickly passed them in one egg, then in some flour, and just fried them!

20150516_145040     20150516_145033


20150516_145931     20150516_145707

Thanks … and see you next …

Remember though that frying is the least healthy cooking method …

So do not exaggerate! It should be a rare habit to cook food frying it …

Anyway … once a while …

Thanks again and see you soon …


Parmigiana – aubergines vegetable lasagne



A classical Italian famous oven-cooked dish.

Starting from aubergines, round cut. They have to be fried.


A sauce pan with a red onion, extra virgin olive oil and tomato sauce.


Mozzarella cheese …

But first fry the aubergines.


Then in a big oven tray put a layer of aubergines, mozzarella cheese, the tomato sauce cooked a few minutes in the sauce pan. Then another layer…

20150508_174317    20150508_174547

20150508_175458     20150508_17512620150508_175326     20150508_174814

In the oven cook it all half an hour at less than 200 °C.

20150508_182955     20150508_194819

Enjoy it hot or the day after from the fridge (even more compact, and easier to cut in rectangular blocks), or you could freeze it.

You could garnish with oreganon …



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Aubergines … grilled, or with olives and tomato sauce


lovely vegetable …

One possibility: grilled, with a simple sauce persil-garlic-extra virgin olive oil.

Another way … cooked in a tomato sauce with black olives and red onions … really tasty!

Here the two recipes together.


Let’s start from the grilled ones …


Like they were thin steaks, you have simply to grill them on the fire.


Garnish with the persil minced with the garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


For the tomato sauce ones.

First stirr in a sauce pan one onion cut with some garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Add the aubergine in cubes (cut).

Stirr a very few minutes then add the tomato sauce with some water not to make it stick and to let it cook too.


Add some black olives. Stirr and let the water evaporate while cooking the aubergines (they have to become softer under a fork, not anymore hard texture).

And that’s it!


As the first picture you could enjoy it like this (with additional extra virgin olive oil), or together with the grilled aubergines if you wish.


Another option would be to add some cous cous in the cooking water…

Enjoy anyway, the way you prefer!

Thanks and see you next post….

“Ruote” pasta with aubergines and spicy tomato sauce

Pasta …


Tasty pasta with spicy aubergines and tomato sauce …

Let’s start from garlic, extra virgin olive oil, one cut onion.

20150425_20502120150425_204715  20150425_205000

Let it all stirr a few minutes, then add the aubergine cut (one or two depending on size).


Let it shrink a bit then add the tomato sauce. Add some water too, not to burn it all.

20150425_205756   20150425_210049


Next to it cook some rotelle pasta in boiling water.


Add, when cooked, the pasta to the aubergines and sauce.


Dress in the plate with chili, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and salt (if you wish).



Thanks …

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