Tuna and turmeric pasta

Hello everyone …

sorry I’ve had an herniated disc, so in bed for two months, no way to even stand nor cook.

But I’m back to normal now, so here I am again!

Let’s start again with an amazing dish!

So tasty and simply delicious, and very quick to prepare …

Boil some pasta (short shape pasta whatever you feel like).

In a sauce pan stirr one shallot or yellow onion.

Add some pieces of celery.


Add a can of tuna and the pasta.

Stirr and add some turmeric powder (to be mixed well).

And that’s it. Some garlic pieces if you wish.


I promise is really delicious!


And see you next

Thanks for reading me …





Vegetables lasagne

Long preparation, and lots of possible alternatives … so be creative!

I wanted this time to make vegeterian lasagne.

So I’ve started from cutting the vegetables (onions (one or two), carrots (around 6 medium), celery (two big ones) in tiny little pieces with the mincer.


Then stirr fry the onion in a sauce pan with extra virgin olive oil.


Add then the other minced vegetables.


Cook a bit.


Add also a couple of courgettes cut in small pieces. Some red wine (I did it with a Cannonau Riserva Sella & Mosca 2011)


Then add the tomato sauce and some water if necessary and let it cook for a long while.


Prepare one califlower boiled, then mixed the pieces with a mixer to make a cream.

Boil some potatoes and then mix them in the micer too.


Prepare the pasta in “pages” for lasagne: just cook a bit each sheet in boiling water (with a drop of oil not to let the “pages” stick with each other) so that it will be easy to display them in a tray for the oven cooking.


So first the pasta, then layers of potatoes, califlower, vegetable sauce (ragu kind but with no meat)…


Cook it all in the oven till the pasta will be cooked and everything will be homogeneous.


And simply enjoy!

I have added a few pieces of pecorino cheese on the top. You could even add some olives minced inside…


Chili or pepper or whatever you feel like adding for extra taste.


Enjoy! Even the day after from the fridge!


Thanks and see you next …