Runner (or stick) beans in a simple and easy tomato sauce …

Runner, or so called stick beans are still green beans but the flat bigger ones.

Really nice and tasty, and they go amazingly well with tomato sauce. So if you are looking for an easy veg dish … here we are!


So all you have to do is to clean them (rinsing them) and then cut the two edges. Make them in small rectangular pieces.


Ok. So in a sauce pan put some extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and one onion cut in small pieces.


When the onions are a bit cooked (not brown!, just a little softed) add the beans, and after a very little while the tomato sauce.

Stirr, and stirr, and wait for the beans to change colour and texture (it means they are ready!).

20150118_150916 20150118_151113 20150118_152417

It’s easy!

You could add some spices if you wish, but the simplier sometimes the better!


And just enjoy! Don’t forget to add some extra virgin olive oil in your dish after having put it in a plate.

Vegetables healty and rich in fibers too!

Thanks again for reading me …