Farro pasta with pumpkin and anchovies

Something really delicious I did by chanche …

Farro pasta, with pumpkin and anchovies … so tasty!!!


Cook some farro pasta.


In a sauce pan stirr a golden onion, and cook the pumpkin cut in small cubes.

Add the anchovies cut in small pieces.



Add the pasta in the sauce pan and mix it all.


And that’s it!

Don’t add any salt because of the anchovies.

Just some extra virgin olive oil in your plate. And enjoy!!!


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Califlower cous cous with anchovies

Dear readers …

today an easy dish.

Cous cous with califlower and anchovies.

Let’s start cooking the califlower:

Remove the big leaves and the hardest trunk. Cut the califlower in big pieces and cook it in boiling water (put it in the water only once it is boiling).


In a sauce pan stirr one golden onion, cut in small pieces, with some garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


The califlower is done when it will be softer if we plunge a fork in it. So that it will be easier as well to mince it in smaller pieces.

Once the onions start to shrink, add the califlower in the sauce pan.


Stirr well because it doesn’t have to burn!

Once it is more melted add some cous cous, goig on stirring and adding also some water not to let it burn, but letting it cook.


Add also some anchovies cut in small pieces.


Let the cous cous cook properly (the tiny “balls” have to grow in volume and get soft!). Even the califlower will become more melted. It is very important in this sense the texture of the califlower: when you boil it, it doesn’t have to be over cooked. It has to remain a bit firm, even if softer than raw of course, so that later in the sauce pan it becomes just perfect! To be sure just taste it from time to time if you wish, even while it is boiling if for you the fork test is not convincing!


Go on stirring till it everything will be well mixed and cooked. And that’s it!

For the decoration, and not only for that, you could add some ginger powder. And of course extra virgin olive oil.


What is left, juststore it in a small glass container in the fridge.

The day after remove the cous cous from the fridge: it will have taken the shape of the container!

You could serve it as it is, even cold. Delicious!

I have just added two leaves of sage, and some pepper!


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Peppers cous cous

Peppers … healthy, light … vitamins A …

So I’ve decided today to prepare an easy and quick dinner: peppers cous cous.

I’ve started with the usual sauce pan and extra virgin olive oil, garlic, one onion.


When the onion starts to be a bit cooked, I’ve added the peppers (one yellow, one red and one green).



Some anchovies paste.



Cous cous and some water.


And job’s done in a few more minutes!



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Fried anchovies …

The most diffucult and long part is cleaning the anchovies.


You have to cut the head, the tail, remove the interior part (cutting the fish in two) the spine and also another black bones line along the whole back (from the pictures you see that the body has to be split in two halves, and the black bone line is just in the middle of the two parts of the flat body).

20150401_141821   20150401_150024

Then just rinse them and turn them in a couple of eggs.


Then in a bed of breadcrumbs ready to be fried.


And that’s it.

20150401_152626   20150401_152629    20150401_152847

Beware that it’s raw fish. So to avoid i.e. Anisakis problems wash your hands and cook the fish properly (which means enough time).

20150401_153558    20150401_155914

Thanks for reading me …

Enjoy your anchovies … and see you next post!