Venere Rice with Pumpkins

Hi everyone … it has been a while, I know …

But I’ve been 4 months working in Sardinia, and no way to cook there, I had no kitchen.

Anyway, no more excuses now.

I will start back with this post, a simple and healthy dish: Venere black risotto with pumpkin.

I have to tell you that the black Venere rice I’ve used, I bought it in Sardinia. Amazing taste, even by itself.

Here’s the picture.


So let’s start boiling the rice on one side, on the other hand, in a saucepan, stirr some garlic and one onion (or shallot if you wish to have even a milder taste).


Once they have started to cook, add the pumpkin previously cut in pieces.


The smaller you cut the pumpkin, also the quicker and more easily it will cook, but even bigger pieces will melt and be cut with a wooden spoon while stirring later, so do not worry too much, and like carrots, pumpkin doesn’t have to be cooked too much, not to lose too much the vitamins (vitamin A in particular).


Once the pumpkin is cooked (and you will see it because you will be able to cut it with a wooden spoon (it shouldn’t taste anymore crounchy, but softer, though not too soft anyway), add the Venere rice.


If you don’t exaggerate with the water you will see that after 40 min all the rice water will be almost evaporated, that means even more concentration of nutrients. No particular need to add water to the pumpkin, but use the rice water, if there’s any left, and if needed. Pumpkin is usually quite rich in water, and it is important not to have too much of it in the sauce pan, because we do not want the pumkin to be boiled but stirred in the garlic and onion.

So add the rice and stirr for a few minutes to let both rice and pumkin mix and become tasty. Attention not to burn it, but the mixture has to become a bit drier.


And that’s it. Job done!

You could decorate with some chili, and of course extra virgin olive oil.



And you could have it also as a cold main course the day after (keep it in the fridge, but put it in the fridge once is not too hot anymore).


Thank you very much for reading me again …

See you soon! Next post …

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Castagnaccio cake, my way …

Castagnaccio my way!

Well if you browse in the net there are so many recipes of the famous so called Castagnaccio, which is actually just a very simple chestnut flour dessert.

Traditionally is not “sweet” because the flour is already very tasty.

And traditionally there is also some extra virgin olive oil added before baking it.

The traditional recipe would need pine nuts, but I didn’t have at home so I just used a few walnuts.

It is an absolutely easy dessert and so quick! Just 40 minutes in the oven at 180°C.

So what do we need to do?

Ingredients: chestnut flour, water, dried raisins, pine nuts (here walnuts), rosmery.

In a bowl mix 250 g of flour with around half a litre of water.

It should become a liquid mix. So stirr and add the water little by little.

On one side just pour and keep for a few minutes the raisins in some warm water to soften them. Then add them to the flour.


Prepare the baking-pan with some paper not to stick the cake once cooked. A glass one is fine or even in metal.


Pour the liquid in the baking-pan. (the level of the liquid should be less than two centimetres high so that once cooked it will be around one centimetre) Add some pieces of walnuts and the rosmery topping.


Put the baking-pan in the oven already switched on and cook at around 180° C for minimum half an hour, even fourty minutes.

Try with the stick to see if it is still liquid in the middle. It should remain soft anyway.

And enjoy!


It is amazing even cold, so later just store it in your fridge and enjoy it fresh!


Cream topping if you like. Me I am not a real cream fan.

And thanks again to be here! I am writing for you all …

See you soon …

Thanks …