Writer … Food and Wine lover.

See then my whole CV on http://it.linkedin.com/pub/barbara-perucca/30/b77/a25

Wine Sommelier (AIS, Bibendum Wine Certificate),

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taster,

Grappa Taster (ANAG diploma)

Food Chemist …

Poet, Writer … (I’ve just published my first novel in Italy, just in Italian (already won a literary prize), but looking for an Editor and a literary Agent in UK/US … any advice more than welcome! I have already translated in English the novel myself, just need an editor to revise and publish it! Many thanks. http://www.facebook.com/BarbaraPerucca. My novel is

Barbara Perucca – NON VOGLIO AMMETTERE CHE TI AMO – Edizioni Helicon,

the title means: I don’t want to admit that I love you, I’d love to make a movie out of it too. And I won’t give up, because “yes, we can” make our dreams become true.)

I love to cook and create …

Like a painter with the colours, with flavours and tastes …

So here I have then a few things to share …

my passion first of all, for good food … and wine, but wine elsewhere (www.barbarawines.wordpress.com)  …

Thanks for reading!

Kindest Regards to all of you …



One thought on “About

  1. After having lived 4 years in London and more than one year in Paris, I’m now back in Florence, my home town and I’m searching for a job … anything … to be able to show my passion and knowledge and make something good in this world … And I am looking forward to see my novel published and distributed worldwide. Who want to read it in Italian, is already on the market (book shops in Italy and online also on Italian book web sites and Amazon.it)
    Many thanks to you all … with all my heart. Let’s keep alive our true passions. Always.
    Take care


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