Farro pasta with pumpkin and anchovies

Something really delicious I did by chanche …

Farro pasta, with pumpkin and anchovies … so tasty!!!


Cook some farro pasta.


In a sauce pan stirr a golden onion, and cook the pumpkin cut in small cubes.

Add the anchovies cut in small pieces.



Add the pasta in the sauce pan and mix it all.


And that’s it!

Don’t add any salt because of the anchovies.

Just some extra virgin olive oil in your plate. And enjoy!!!


Thanks again for reading me …

See you soon!



Asparagus brown rice risotto

Today another healthy and quick dish …

Asparagus brown rice rosotto.


Cook on one side the rice, letting all the water evaporate.


In a sauce pan cook the asparagus. Then aside, on a plate, cut them in small pieces.

Again in the sauce pan you could put a shallot and some garlic, let it cook in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, then add back the asparagus, and the rice with its residual water.

It should be a very little water left.

Mix it all well, and cook a few more minute.


Add some ginger powder.

And that’s it!


If you wish also some white pepper.

Add some extra virgin olive oil in the plate.

And enjoy!!!

Thanks for reading ┬áme …

and see you next!


Tuna and turmeric pasta

Hello everyone …

sorry I’ve had an herniated disc, so in bed for two months, no way to even stand nor cook.

But I’m back to normal now, so here I am again!

Let’s start again with an amazing dish!

So tasty and simply delicious, and very quick to prepare …

Boil some pasta (short shape pasta whatever you feel like).

In a sauce pan stirr one shallot or yellow onion.

Add some pieces of celery.


Add a can of tuna and the pasta.

Stirr and add some turmeric powder (to be mixed well).

And that’s it. Some garlic pieces if you wish.


I promise is really delicious!


And see you next

Thanks for reading me …