Sea bream … healthy fish!


Let’s have some healthy fish!

We should eat fish more often: it is very nice, tasty and healthy!

Sea bream in the oven.

Just buy one or two small sea bream fishes.

Ask the fishmonger to clean it for you. Otherwise at home with a good knife just make a long cut in the chest and remove all the interior stuff. Brush the skin to remove the scales.

Rinse the fish anyway under water.

Put the sea bream in a baking tin with a couple of pieces of cleaned garlic and extra virgin olive oil topping.


Put in a hot oven at 180°C for no less than 20 minutes.

You will see from the eyes colour that the fish is cooked. Just wait a bit more to be sure.


The meat has to be easy to remove from the main bone, if it is still translucent and sticky it means that it is not cooked, so back in the oven!

The fish has to be properly cooked. Not overcooked but cooked.

Clean the fillets helping yourself with a fork and a spoon.


And enjoy!!!


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Take care! And eat healthily!




Pumpkin cous cous

Another very simple and quick recipe: cous cous with pumpkin!

Let’s start cooking the pumpkin in a sauce pan.

Stirr one yellow onion with garlic in a sauce pan with extra virgin olive oil.

Add the pumpkin washed and cut in small rectangula pieces.


Let the pumkin cook till it gets softer.

Once cooked, add some cous cous and water.


Stirr a lot not to stick it.

Wait till the cous cous is cooked (you will see it from the dimensions: bigger and also if you taste it, it won’t be harde anymore).

Let all the water evaporate while the cous cous’s cooking, stirring also.


Leave the cous cous another few minutes in the sauce pan to settle.


Serve it hot and garnish with extra virgin olive oil and pepper if you wish.


You could also add some ginger, even before in the sauce pan while cooking. And chili if you wish, for a spicy touch.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading …

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Potatoes with ragù sauce

Today a recycling recipe …

If you have a portion of ragù sauce and you want to use it in a different way than with pasta, why not using some boiled potatoes?

Very simple.

For the ragù sauce preparation see here in my blog in an earlier post of how to make ragù.


Heat the ragù sauce in a sauce pan.


Meanwhile boil some potatoes.

Add the boiled potatoes.


Stirr, mixing very well.


Decorate with pepper and add plenty of extra virgin olive oil.



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