Courgettes and chickpeas brown risotto

After a long while I’m back … here writing my cooking experiments in the kitchen …

Well, so I would like to start back with something healthy and simple.

A complete dish with also proteins.

A risotto made with courgettes and chickpeas …

Ok so I’ve started on one side boiling the rice up to its “al dente” point.


On the other end I’ve stirred in a sauce pan a couple of courgettes, cut in small cubes, and one yellow onion cut in slices.

First the onions, and then after a few minutes the courgettes that don’t have to overcook.


Courgettes actually are also good raw in small quantities. Try to add a few thin slices in your salad …

Adding some water to the courgette and onions I’ve poured the rice in the sauce pan.

20151015_194829  20151015_194926

Stirring, not to stick it.

Then I’ve added the chickpeas too.

20151015_195403  20151015_195453

Some ginger powder.

And job done.


If you wish some garlic, fresh or added before to the onions cut.

And don’t forget also extra virgin olive oil to garnish.

An amazing simple dish I’ve enjoyed also the day after, stirring it again in a sauce pan and adding also some chili powder.

With the chili it got that final touch to complete the taste. Beautiful.


Thanks for reading me again … enjoy!

And see you next …

It’s a pleasure to be back …