Fries … potatoes and also fried aubergines (eggplant)

Fries …

The pleasure of making them yourself…

Start peeling the potatoes.

20150516_154140   20150516_153603

Then prepare a sauce pan with a good thick layer of peanuts oil (it has to be boiling hot! so pay attention, no drops of water around otherwise you will have splits around, heavy and dangerous of boiling oil!)

Cut the potatoes rinsed under water in small long and not too thick pieces.


Fry them till brownish.

20150516_155931     20150516_161452

For the aubergines you have so many options as you maybe have already seen here on this blog.

20150516_144053     20150516_144108

This time I have just quickly passed them in one egg, then in some flour, and just fried them!

20150516_145040     20150516_145033


20150516_145931     20150516_145707

Thanks … and see you next …

Remember though that frying is the least healthy cooking method …

So do not exaggerate! It should be a rare habit to cook food frying it …

Anyway … once a while …

Thanks again and see you soon …


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