Whole grain pasta with fresh celery, walnuts and botargo

A summer plate.


Easy, very quick pasta.

Ingredients: just the whole grain pasta (here “molle” shape), boiled on one side, then celery, a bit of garlic, walnuts, botargo in powder …


Let’s start boiling the pasta.

In a sauce pan stirr some garlic pieces with extra virgin olive oil.


Add the celery cut in pieces (you could make them even smaller than the picture, and if you wish use the mincer to make them really really tiny).


Stirr just a little bit (celery is nice even raw, so it’s just to soften it a bit and giving it extra flavour.

Add the pasta and stirr.


In the plate some walnuts and the botargo.

20150515_140515 20150515_140509

Garnish with extra virgin olive oil and enjoy!

Thanks for reading me…

and see you next!


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