Parmigiana – aubergines vegetable lasagne



A classical Italian famous oven-cooked dish.

Starting from aubergines, round cut. They have to be fried.


A sauce pan with a red onion, extra virgin olive oil and tomato sauce.


Mozzarella cheese …

But first fry the aubergines.


Then in a big oven tray put a layer of aubergines, mozzarella cheese, the tomato sauce cooked a few minutes in the sauce pan. Then another layer…

20150508_174317    20150508_174547

20150508_175458     20150508_17512620150508_175326     20150508_174814

In the oven cook it all half an hour at less than 200 °C.

20150508_182955     20150508_194819

Enjoy it hot or the day after from the fridge (even more compact, and easier to cut in rectangular blocks), or you could freeze it.

You could garnish with oreganon …



And see you next


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