Fried anchovies …

The most diffucult and long part is cleaning the anchovies.


You have to cut the head, the tail, remove the interior part (cutting the fish in two) the spine and also another black bones line along the whole back (from the pictures you see that the body has to be split in two halves, and the black bone line is just in the middle of the two parts of the flat body).

20150401_141821   20150401_150024

Then just rinse them and turn them in a couple of eggs.


Then in a bed of breadcrumbs ready to be fried.


And that’s it.

20150401_152626   20150401_152629    20150401_152847

Beware that it’s raw fish. So to avoid i.e. Anisakis problems wash your hands and cook the fish properly (which means enough time).

20150401_153558    20150401_155914

Thanks for reading me …

Enjoy your anchovies … and see you next post!


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