Aubergines steaks and hot salad …

Aubergines …

amazing veg …

This time, it takes minimum half an hour work, but it’s worthy.

Cut one onion in small pieces and stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic.


Add some celery too in tiny pieces.


Cut one aubergine in small cubes and add them in the saucepan too.

20150328_203816       20150328_204119

Let it cook a few minutes, then add a can of tomato sauce, with half a glass of water if necessary, not to burn it if there’s not much water from the vegetables and the tomato sauce.




Let it cook.


On the side prepare the other aubergine you have to cut in little round discs.


With some bread crumbs in a plate, and one egg stirred in a little bowl …


Pass the aubergines in the egg liquid and then in the bread crumbs.


Fry then the aubergines so prepared in some peanut oil, turning each of them after a few minutes.


And that’s it! Use some special paper to remove the excess of oil.

20150328_211223  20150328_213048  20150328_213101

Then in a plate next to the fried aubergines put the hot aubergine salad prepared before.



With some whole grain bread.

Thanks again for being there …

See you next …



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