Easy and quick onions eggs. Onions “Frittata” (omelette) or scrambled eggs

Eggs: so rich in proteins and not just proteins …

Today I will tell you my scrambled eggs with onions.

Easy quick.

Just cut an onion in small pieces and stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil.

Then add the eggs.


(without stirring, but stirring the eggs before pouring them, you would made a proper “frittata” omelette, here is scrambled eggs actually)


Just let it cook a very few minutes.

And enjoy!

If you wish with some side bread, or here Carasau bread.


Tasty, easy, quick and rich in healthy proteins …

Cholesterol … well yes … but a normal adult would need 900 mg per day, so the amount we don’t get with the daily food intake we just produce it. Different story for who doesn’t have it right already in the blood system, and its regulation. That is another story, and in that case I would not recommend too many eggs per week.

But for normal people they are ok! And rich also in B 12 vitamine …


and see you next!



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