Cauliflower seaside pasta …

Cauliflower, light, healthy … a bit sweet …


I’ve decided to make farfalle (butterfly) pasta with it and a seaside reminescence … that is to say anchovies paste, and a bit of chili for the sparkle.

So I’ve started boiling some cauliflower …


In a sauce pan a couple of shallots cut in tiny pieces and two pieces of garlic smashed too.

And extra virgin olive oil of course!

20150311_153451    20150311_154050

I have put the cauliflower to stirr in the sauce pan. So after the cauliflower was cooked (a very few minutes, you will see it from the chance in colour, and consistence, softer…)


Some anchoves paste.


Then I’ve boiled on the side some farfalline shaped pasta.


Adding the pasta in the sauce pan. Stirring a little while, and j0b’s done! Adding also the chili powder.


Easy, quick and amazing taste!



And thanks again for being here …

See you next!



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