Botargo origanum courgettes risotto, seaside-countryside marriage!

As I have already said here in another post … I do love botargo.

But this time I’ve tried linking it with a more “countryside vegetable” courgettes …

So first I’ve boiled some rice (changing variety of course will change the taste, you could try also with a brown rice or actually even a black one, like Venere rice!).

In a sauce pan stirr in some extra virgin olive oil a couple of shallots and one piece of garlic.

20150307_160111   20150307_160656

Rember always (for onions too) to remove the inner green core, which is carcinogen (even in garlic).


Then I’ve added some very tiny pieces of two previously cut courgettes.


Stirr. And then add the rice. Go on stirring. Some origanum, a little “splash” of dark beer, and the botargo.

20150307_161515 20150307_16152020150307_161839

In the plate you could add some extra virgin olive oil.


And of course more botargo to garnish and enforce the taste.



Thanks for reading.

See you next post!



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