Turnip greens. More tasty than spinach and with a bit of a character!

Turnip greens.


I do love them! Because their taste is more interesting than spinach, with their touch of bitterness …

How to prepare them: if they are already cleaned and cut you just have to boil them for a few minutes (adding them at the boiling water, not before).


Then in a sauce pan, with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, stirr them for a few minutes to remove the excess of humidity and make them absorb the flavours from the garlic and the oil (don’t worry to burn them! it will take a little while, even if you’ve drained them, to remove all the residual water! But you have to stirr them anyway).


The result is really tasty.

I had them just with some unleavened bread, and a can of Guinness (one of my favourite beers, I’ve even been to the Museum when I was 17!).


So enjoy!!!

A very healthy dish!

Thanks again for reading me …

See you next post!




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