Pumpkin olives and tomato sauce pasta. Delicious …

Pumpkin …


I do love it. Cheap, healthy, tasty, rich in Vitamine A, a sweet vegetable, easy to cook and in so many recipes!       (here see also my pumpkin risotto!)

Let’s start with a sauce pan, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and a white onion …


Once the onions are a bit cooked add the pumpkin and stirr … It has to soften (like carrots when you cook them).


Once the pumpkin is almost completely cooked, add the tomato sauce. And stirr. Then add some olives cut in small pieces.

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On the other side cook some penne-shaped pasta.


In a baking tin just pour the sauce on the pasta and put the whole thing in the oven for a little while.

The more you keep it in the oven, the more crunchy the pasta will become.

To be honest with you I was a bit tired of waiting, so I haven’t kept it that long.


The result is anyway an incredible tasty plate just to be dressed with some extra virgin olive oil …



A fresh white wine could be a perfect match!

It’s a dish you could even enjoy cold, maybe even with some persil leaves to garnish …

Thanks again to be here!





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