Seabass in the oven. Simple and healthy.

Seabass …

A lovely taste fish meat!


Simply once cleaned from the insides and from the scales, put the seabass in a bakery tin with just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and some garlic.


Put it in the oven already hot and cook minimum half an hour.

To see if it’s cooked the best rule is to see if the meat is easy detachable from the central spine bone.

20150303_211901 20150303_211331

If the answer is yes, and the meat is not sticky, then the fish is cooked! And of course the eye has to become white!

So enjoy!


I did it with a glass of Le Arenarie 2013 from Sella & Mosca, Sardinian winery (a Sauvignon wine zesty even in the colour, fresh, with a touch of minerality, a slight pleasant bitterness (graphite) and an echo of green cooked notes, ginger, lime, candied cedar, almond … ), and as a side some salad! just with extra virgin olive oil and a bit of fresh garlic and salt!

20150303_214758       20150303_215053

Thanks again!

Take care




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