Chickpeas CECINA (or farinata) … unique recipe from Tuscany!!!

This is a very very typical recipe …

Here in Florence it is called CECINA but if you move towards Genova it will be called FARINATA …

These names all come from the flour (farina in Italian) of chickpeas (ceci in Italian).

Ok. So the flour has to rest one hour and even more.

What you need is just the chickpeas flour and some water. (of course then you could add pepper, rosemary …)

Proportions 250 g of flour for around 700 ml of water.

Just pour the water into the flour carefully and slowly letting it melt without creating single balls of flour.

20150302_130916 20150302_131205 20150302_152531

You will see after more than one hour, the flour will become fluid, and more homogeneous.

Then you just have to pour the liquid in a baking tin after having added a couple of spoons of extra virgin olive oil to the liquid (some extra virgin olive oil also at the bottom of the baking tin, I didn’t put it here but … you will see next pictures).


Then minimum 30 minutes. The top will get a golden-brown crunchy colour …


Because I forgot the oil at the bottom it has been a bit a mess to detach it … but …


In another baking tin I put less liquid and extra virgin olive oil at the bottom …

Too thin, but very tasty!

20150302_162419       20150302_165101


And I’ve even done a little round bakin tin too. So in the picture the tiny round one and this one above just bent.


Well, I hope you liked it.

It was my first time making it. It should be less than 1 cm high. But my second one definetly too thin! Hard but soft too inside (not liquid!) and crunchy golden brown on top.


It’s healthy and rich in proteins!

Thanks again to you all …




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