Carrots and fennels … a special “sald”

Need a refreshening light dinner?

What about carrots and fennels?


First mince the carrots.

20150331_194613   20150331_194830

Then the fennels.

20150331_195119   20150331_195208

Mix the two in a plate.


Add some lemon sliced, and grated carrots on the top.


Garnish with salt, extra virgin olive oil, chili, ginger powder.


Some brown bread to go with it.

And that’s it!

20150331_195918   20150331_195952

Healthy, absolutely light, but with lively taste!


Thanks again for being there all of you …

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Brown rice with salmon and pumpkin …

Today something new …

Brown rice, with salmon and pumpkin!!!

Healthy pumkin (vitamin A) and salmon (rich in omega-3) …

Let’s start with cutting one onion (blond as well is fine), and some garlic.


Stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil (not too much).

Then cut the pumpking in small cubes (pieces).

Add it in the sauce pan when the onions are a bit shrunk. Stirr and let the pumpkin cook and become softer.


Next to the sauce pan with the pumpkin, cook some brown rice.


Then add the smoked salmon cut in small pieces.

20150330_141629  20150330_141740

Stirr. Then add the persil cut in small pieces too.

20150330_14194420150330_142137     20150330_142157

Add the rice, and go on stirring for a very few minutes.

20150330_142231  20150330_142318  20150330_142322

And that’s it!



Enjoy! and garnish with extra virgin olive oil and some ginger powder!


Fantastic … and a bit Oriental too … and it takes 20 minutes, no more.

Thanks and see you next …

Aubergines steaks and hot salad …

Aubergines …

amazing veg …

This time, it takes minimum half an hour work, but it’s worthy.

Cut one onion in small pieces and stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil and garlic.


Add some celery too in tiny pieces.


Cut one aubergine in small cubes and add them in the saucepan too.

20150328_203816       20150328_204119

Let it cook a few minutes, then add a can of tomato sauce, with half a glass of water if necessary, not to burn it if there’s not much water from the vegetables and the tomato sauce.




Let it cook.


On the side prepare the other aubergine you have to cut in little round discs.


With some bread crumbs in a plate, and one egg stirred in a little bowl …


Pass the aubergines in the egg liquid and then in the bread crumbs.


Fry then the aubergines so prepared in some peanut oil, turning each of them after a few minutes.


And that’s it! Use some special paper to remove the excess of oil.

20150328_211223  20150328_213048  20150328_213101

Then in a plate next to the fried aubergines put the hot aubergine salad prepared before.



With some whole grain bread.

Thanks again for being there …

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Easy and quick onions eggs. Onions “Frittata” (omelette) or scrambled eggs

Eggs: so rich in proteins and not just proteins …

Today I will tell you my scrambled eggs with onions.

Easy quick.

Just cut an onion in small pieces and stirr them in a sauce pan with some extra virgin olive oil.

Then add the eggs.


(without stirring, but stirring the eggs before pouring them, you would made a proper “frittata” omelette, here is scrambled eggs actually)


Just let it cook a very few minutes.

And enjoy!

If you wish with some side bread, or here Carasau bread.


Tasty, easy, quick and rich in healthy proteins …

Cholesterol … well yes … but a normal adult would need 900 mg per day, so the amount we don’t get with the daily food intake we just produce it. Different story for who doesn’t have it right already in the blood system, and its regulation. That is another story, and in that case I would not recommend too many eggs per week.

But for normal people they are ok! And rich also in B 12 vitamine …


and see you next!


Artichokes risotto

I’ve already told you I do love artichokes …

So today I’ve decided to make artichokes risotto.

First clean and cook the artichokes in a sauce pan (see here in my blog for instructions).


Then aside boil the rice.


When the artichokes are cooked just mince them in tiny pieces.


Add them to the rice and job done!


You could dress with extra vergin olive oil and some herbs or spices. Persil i.e.


I’ve tried with some white pepper.



Thanks for reading …

See you soon!





Thistles in “bagna cauda” sauce

Thistles …

Well, if you love artichokes, you should love thistle for sure. They are close in terms of that pleasant bitterness …

So first you have to clean them to remove the leaves and the side thorns (remove then all the side line on both sides).

2012-10-13 19.51.48

Then in a sauce pan with some garlic and extra virgin olive oil stirr them cut in small rectangular pieces.

2012-10-13 20.08.26

Add some anchovies paste, or, better, some anchovies cut in small pieces.

2012-12-15 20.12.42

Stirr to make the sauce a cream (you could even add a tiny bit of milk to melt all better).

2012-12-15 20.15.21

Try to let the sauce evaporate a bit, not to be too liquid!

And then simply enjoy!

These are old pictures, but it’s a recipe I’ve already done pretty many times. And you see the result is always the same lovely dish!

Thistles are very tasty, and because I do love artichoes, I love them too!

2012-12-15 20.17.56    2012-10-13 20.20.40


And thanks again for reading me …

See you soon



Cauliflower seaside pasta …

Cauliflower, light, healthy … a bit sweet …


I’ve decided to make farfalle (butterfly) pasta with it and a seaside reminescence … that is to say anchovies paste, and a bit of chili for the sparkle.

So I’ve started boiling some cauliflower …


In a sauce pan a couple of shallots cut in tiny pieces and two pieces of garlic smashed too.

And extra virgin olive oil of course!

20150311_153451    20150311_154050

I have put the cauliflower to stirr in the sauce pan. So after the cauliflower was cooked (a very few minutes, you will see it from the chance in colour, and consistence, softer…)


Some anchoves paste.


Then I’ve boiled on the side some farfalline shaped pasta.


Adding the pasta in the sauce pan. Stirring a little while, and j0b’s done! Adding also the chili powder.


Easy, quick and amazing taste!



And thanks again for being here …

See you next!


Aubergines cous cous – quick and lovely …

I’ve already posted here an aubergines recipe. This time is with cous cous.

Simple. Quick and Tasty!

In a sauce pan stirr some extra virgin olive oil and garlic and one onion (yellow but it could be red).


Then add the aubergine cut in small pieces.


And almost immediately the tomato sauce, with some water if necessary.


Let the aubergine cook (you will see from consistency).

Then add the cous cous.


Stirr a lot, not to burn it all! But let the cous cous grow in volume and cook.

A few minutes.


And that’s it!



And thanks again for reading me!!!


Botargo origanum courgettes risotto, seaside-countryside marriage!

As I have already said here in another post … I do love botargo.

But this time I’ve tried linking it with a more “countryside vegetable” courgettes …

So first I’ve boiled some rice (changing variety of course will change the taste, you could try also with a brown rice or actually even a black one, like Venere rice!).

In a sauce pan stirr in some extra virgin olive oil a couple of shallots and one piece of garlic.

20150307_160111   20150307_160656

Rember always (for onions too) to remove the inner green core, which is carcinogen (even in garlic).


Then I’ve added some very tiny pieces of two previously cut courgettes.


Stirr. And then add the rice. Go on stirring. Some origanum, a little “splash” of dark beer, and the botargo.

20150307_161515 20150307_16152020150307_161839

In the plate you could add some extra virgin olive oil.


And of course more botargo to garnish and enforce the taste.



Thanks for reading.

See you next post!


Turnip greens. More tasty than spinach and with a bit of a character!

Turnip greens.


I do love them! Because their taste is more interesting than spinach, with their touch of bitterness …

How to prepare them: if they are already cleaned and cut you just have to boil them for a few minutes (adding them at the boiling water, not before).


Then in a sauce pan, with garlic and extra virgin olive oil, stirr them for a few minutes to remove the excess of humidity and make them absorb the flavours from the garlic and the oil (don’t worry to burn them! it will take a little while, even if you’ve drained them, to remove all the residual water! But you have to stirr them anyway).


The result is really tasty.

I had them just with some unleavened bread, and a can of Guinness (one of my favourite beers, I’ve even been to the Museum when I was 17!).


So enjoy!!!

A very healthy dish!

Thanks again for reading me …

See you next post!