Sword fish steak … simple and delicious! And no bones!

Healthy, tasty … sword fish …

It’s like cooking a slice of meat! And it’s quick, easy and the result simply delicious!


Just put some extra virgin olive oil in a sauce pan and a garlic cut in 2 halves. Heat it a little before adding the fish.


Then just cook it first on one side, then on the other one for the second 2/3 of the time.

And that’s it. For side dish some fennel just sliced in small pieces. Extravirgin olive oil and enjoy!

 20150227_212325  20150227_213319 20150227_21374420150227_213752


Easy, quick. And I can tell you it tastes really delicious …

Thanks and see you next post!!!



4 thoughts on “Sword fish steak … simple and delicious! And no bones!

    • Dear Michelle,
      there are millions of wines in the world …
      Speaking in general I would say (as I cooked it, which is very simply) a white not opulent neither rich nor vanilla, nor woody style. Something fresh, but not even too gooseberry. Better fresh and mineral but not with too many green hints. Today I’ve tried a couple of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, that could be a good choice. (I was attending a wine tasting called Terre di Toscana in Lido di Camaiore town, on the coast).
      Freshness, minerality, more neutral not too fruity flavours, medium bodied but not buttery rich. I.e. a Greco di Tufo, if we want to move south …
      If you need more specific answer I could advice you more in details. But then it becomes more and more subjective.
      Friulano, Pinot Grigio could be ok too. Even a Falanghina, going back to Campania Region again (with more fruit and less minerality but still not fattiness). Vermentino di Gallura …
      I have my tasting notes from the Australian wines tasting in London Saatchi gallery 2010.
      I could say from what I’ve tried (not everything of course …and it was 2010) but because you write me from Australia what about a Moss Wood Semillion? In 2010 I was trying the 2008 vintage. Not too expensive, light, smooth white … of course we could do better but it’s just to give you one Australian example.
      Another one could be The Ten Minutes by Tractor, Mc Cutcheon Vineyard Chardonnay 2007, actually a warm vintage in your country, but the wine I’ve tried was a very smooth one, despite being a Chardonnay it was even a bit “bitter” in the finish and just with a tiny green touch, more powerful than their 10x Chardonnay which actually could be a good balance, but more fruity …
      I cut.
      If you wish I could think better examples.
      Staying in a low price range even a very nice Torbato grape Terre Bianche from the Sardinian Sella & Mosca winery. Inexpensive like the dish itself to make.
      Going higher in price and also moving north in Italian Regions … I do love Felluga Terre Alte wine (Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon, and you know Sauvignon in Italy is not that green or goosberry) …
      Then also we could play with vintages, but keeping some freshness because sword fish is chewy and a rich meat, not fat but it gives a full flavour taste sensation…with some smoky-tobacco kind bitter finish which is what makes it so tasty and not banal at all.

      I hope to have in part answered to your question …



      • Ten Minutes by Tractor is one of my favourite wineries here, so thank you very much for suggesting it and such a comprehensive reply. Thank you for the invitation to connect on LinkedIn, which I’ve accepted. Please let me know if you are on Twitter so that I can start following you there too!

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