Peppers with a hint of sea …

Easy, light dinner dish. Quite quick too.

Just a pepper (I do prefer the yellow ones because they are sweeter, but here you could use all colours).

First of all clean it, cut it into 4 halves and remove the seeds and the white parts, and rinse it.


In a sauce pan stirr it cut in small pieces together with a white onion and some celery.

Add some anchovies paste, or small anchovies cut in tiny pieces (to help them melting quicker).

20150226_203422 20150226_203740 20150226_203840

Stirr for a few minutes but not too much … a bit crunchy peppers are nice, and you won’t loose too many vitamines too, so … This as a general rule for vegetables: over cooking’s never recommended.

20150226_204336 20150226_20484820150226_20490320150226_204342

And you could enjoy it with some whole grain brad.

I’ve also added in the sauce pan a few pieces of parmesan cheese but that is an extra not really necessary.

If you wish just a splash of milk or few pieces of any cheese to contrast the strenght of the anchoves in taste (don’t add any salt! it’s already a salted dish).


See you next!!!



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