Hand made pasta! Tortellini in broth … a long work … but worthy!


So let’s start from the home made pasta, from which I’ve made even some “tagliatelle”.

You need some flour and eggs. Around 500 g of flour and 5 eggs (this is the right proportion).

I have started with 3 eggs but they were not enough! You have to be able to work the dough … too much flour it doesn’t stay together. Make first a kind of  “volcano” with the flour where to place the eggs. And then mix it all.


Work a lot the dough. It should become a nice not sticky nor too dry ball. I added a couple of more eggs and just a few drops of water to soften it a bit more, but pay attention that water sticks!


Then leave it one hour to rest in a peace of cloth, possibly with no flavours of soap!

You will see after one hour the change in consistance and shape: more homogeneous, and smelling delicious!


Meanwhile you are waiting this hour for the dough to rest, you could prepare the filling. I did it by myself, just creating something tasty. You could use your fantasy. Even fish … whatever you feel like …

20150224_21504820150224_213309 20150224_212842 20150224_214822

I put some Mortadella, some Prosciutto Crudo (raw ham) from Tuscany (DOP), some liver (cooked just in some water). And of course Parmesan cheese grated.


I’ve just mixed all together, adding just at the very end one egg to melt more the mixture.

20150224_215239 20150224_215519 20150224_220655 20150224_22041720150224_224030

Ok. At this point let’s go back to the dough. Let’s work it! and with a “little wheel” let’s cut it.

20150224_22232720150224_22241120150224_22263720150224_22314020150224_235151 20150224_223845

So now you are ready to make the tortellini!!!


Put the filling. Bend the pasta to form a triangle. Stick together the borders.


Bend the two sides of the triangle, helping with a thinger, and stick them together. Tha’t it. The only thing I’ve done them too big. But it was my first time so …

20150224_230755       20150224_230807

With the pasta remaining I did some tagliatelle.


So what I decided to do, was to freeze them because it was already so late at night! It’s a long work, I’ve told you …


So today I have taken them out from the freezer.


I had as well the broth in the freezer. So I just put the broth in a sauce pan with some water because it was really concentrated (if you see the other post I did, you will see that out of all the broth making process I came out with just two “glasses full!”)

20150225_14040020150225_140533    20150225_141705

The tortellini have to boil in the boiling broth to cook and get additional taste! Cooking tortellini just in plain water is a bit sad … and then the broth you could even drink it! (then you will stay a few days without meet because here is a concentration of proteins but nutrion a part…)


That’s it ….

Just cook them a lot … especially if the pasta you made is thick. Inside the pasta has to be the same colour. I assure you very tasty. You could dress them with some grated parmesan cheese if you wish.

Some pepper?


Well just enjoy anyway after this so long work!

And thanks again for reading me!!!


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