Broccoli spiced cous cous and boiled potatoes! A diet evening with taste!

Broccoli are an amazing vegetable … light, healthy and delicate but tasty a bit green a bit sweet, very versatile …


Ok, so not a broccoli pasta, but just some cous cous …

Let’s start from the broccoli.

Cut them, cleaning the leaves and the hardest parts. Put them in boiling water to cook.


Then, you could use again the same sauce pan. In some extra virgin olive oil and a blond onion, just stirr them. Make the onion shrink a bit first but not too much (not burned). Add the broccoli.

20150225_20443420150225_204528 20150225_204657

Stirr, and you will see broccoli melting a little bit. Add some water and then the cous cous.

Pay attention not to burn it! It doesn’t have to stick! So stirr and stirr and stirr.

20150225_20480220150225_20593820150225_210943 20150225_210930

And then just switch the fire off and wait for the mixture to settle.

You could add some smashed garlic, a little bit of ginger powder ….

And as last touch some chili and extra virgin olive oil of course!

As side dish, boiled potatoes are just perfect.


And if you wish to match the dish I am enjoying it with a Tennent’s beer: 9% of alcool, strong enough to stand the spiceness of the chili, but maybe a little bit too bitter. It’s a not so bad as a balance. For the wine well, it’s a big chapter … I would say rich round tasty, even a bit woody white, but even something from Alsace like i.e. a Riesling … but something not too crisp nor fresh.

Anyway enjoy!!!!

Thanks again

Take care



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