Porcini mushroom whole grain country pasta!

Today I am going to tell you about my Porcini pasta dish.

I have bought some Porcini mushrooms already sliced, just to be rinsed quickly.



Ok, so I’ve started in a sauce pan with blond onions and some garlic and extra virgin olive oil.


Stirring, adding even some small pieces of celery and then the mushrooms rinsed.


You will see mushrooms will shrink a lot. Stirr.



Next to the mushrooms boil some whole grain pasta in a sauce pan.

Just remember to add the pasta to boiling water, not cold one! And taste it from time to time till the point you like it the most (“al dente” or a bit more cooked, but not too “fluffy”)



So then just pour the pasta (not the water) in the sauce pan with the mushrooms and stirr with the fire on, to concentrate the whole thing.

And that’s it!

A bit of salt, some extra virgin olive oil … and just enjoy it!

Like I did.

20150223_210041           20150223_211056

If you wish to add a bit of colour in the plate, that could’t have been that bad, cut a few little cubes of carrots, and add some leaves of persil!

See you next!!!

Take care all of you …

Thanks again for being …


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