Courgette flowers … simply amazing …

Ok …

Back again! I told you …

Have a look at this!

They are simply amazing …

And quite quick too to prepare.



Ok, so first you have to clean them! And look not to have surprises inside

(like dead, hopefully dead, insects … they are flowers so …).

Ok, so take a nife and first remove the darker green little leaves (they are also harder).

20150212_131629     20150212_132022   20150212_132304


Then you have to cut the pistil inside, making first a little cut, like “opening the curtains of the flower”.




Easy, isn’t it?

Now they are ready to be quickly rinsed under the water.

For frying you need peanut oil, that has to be hot (pay attention, not a drop of water in the sauce pan! you risk serious burning otherwise, I don’t want to feel responsible!)

Prepare the following mixture:

one egg (I put two, that’s for the taste too, one is enough I guess), and some flour.

20150212_132343      20150212_132500


The flowers have to be plunged in this liquid that has to stick to them well. With a spoon you could add some liquid in the sauce pan but pay attention otherwise you risk to do an omelette! As I was almost doing it. The flowers have to be separate one from the other (and they have to be put in the pan when the oil is hot! So again pay attention!).



Turn them letting them stay 2/3 on the first side, and the last 1/3 on the other.

Do not burn them! When you start seeing brown it’s the time to stop, but it was time to stop quite a lot earlier.


And that’s it!

Some proper kitchen paper to absorb the excess of oil, and enjoy them while still hot! (cold they are not that good).

Perfect aperitif to start a dinner!

Maybe also together with a glass of crisp white wine?

You’ll see. I have a blog for wines, so I am not here to talk about them …

Even by themselves, fried courgette flowers are simply so yummy!!!

Thanks again for reading me!

See you soon everyone!




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