Botargo pasta … reminding me of the summer and the seaside I always miss in winter time

I have to say I am in love with botargo. Why? Because I’ve discovered it in Sardinia, and since then … it’s a kind of addiction …

Well a pasta dish with botargo is just simple and so tasty!

It’s a very quick lunch if you wish.

Like I did.

Just cook some long shaped pasta, “capellini d’angelo” i.e. or “tagliatelle” …

20150220_143028 20150220_143019

Wait till they’re ready. In this case just 4 minutes, but be careful to unfold them properly.

Then in your plate you could just add the botargo and some garlic cut in small bites. And extra virgin olive oil of course!

If you want to do things in a more proper way you should smash the garlic in a mixture together with the botargo and some extra virgin olive oil.

A couple of extra minutes of work.

But I am telling you I was starving … so I just made all of it in the plate.

But I can assure you the taste is just terrific.

And don’t forget extra virgin olive oil.

And enjoy!



Botargo … or you love it or you cannot stand it. But try to mix it well with the extra virgin olive oil: it will make the botargo characteristic strong taste milder.

Have a lovely time anyway!

Take care

And thanks again for being there …




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