Bollito – boiled meat and veg to make the perfect natural broth!

Typical Italian dish, prepared in a quite simple, but very long way.

What do we need?

A couple of pieces of meat, one fatter, with bones and fat, the other more tender … beef anyway.


Let’s start with a pan and cold water. The fattier piece of meat, and one onion cut in half, a couple of carrots (I put a few because they were small), celery, some persil.


Make the all mixture boil slowly.

When the water is hot add the second and better quality piece of meat.

And just wait.

No stirring. It’s boiling, and there should be enough water to make all vegetables and meat float.

20150221_190630 20150221_19122620150221_192216 20150221_192048


So count 40 minutes, even 1 hour.

And I am telling you, if you sip the “water” it has got such a taste … for me so amazing, because it reminds me of my childhood, home, familiar flavours …


Then you have to remove (when the meat is soft and tender like “tuna in a can”) the meat, the vegetables.

And wait for the broth to get cold to remove the fattiest top layer.

You will use it an other time, for lots of recipes!

So what do you think?

It wasn’t that difficult! Just long.

And you have now the permission to enjoy the meat and the boiled vegetables!


Just with some extra virgin olive oil and salt, or with a nice sauce you could simply prepare with some fresh persil, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and if you wish a bit of anchoves paste.

Just in a mixer.

20150220_225153 20150220_225427


Thanks again for reading me …

All the best!

Talk to you soon



PS when the broth is cold, you’ll see. It’s very easy to remove the “fat” part.

20150221_225831 20150221_225932

As I said, broth is not just a warm winter drink, but also ingredient for lots of receipes …


See you next post!

Take care



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