San Valentine’s Day … CHOCOLATE CAKE!

San Valentine’s Day …

There should be maybe million different better ways to make it, but this time I did it this way …

Chocolate cake!

No butter, no oil. Just a bit of sugar. And chocolate of course! 200 gr of flour, yeast, yogurt (400 g) …

Well so let’s start from 200 g of sugar (better less if you wish), and eggs … 3 …



Just stirr the eggs with the sugar.


Then aside make a few cubes of chocolate melt in a sauce pan.

20150213_212943          20150213_213452

Add it to the rest, together with the yogurt, and the flour and the yeast …

20150213_213711         20150213_213818


and when it’s all homogeneus then it’s ready to be put in the oven already a bit hot …



Around one hour 180 C°.

Check with a wooden stick to see when it’s done: it should come out dry when plunged in the cake.

Pay attention not to burn everything! So don’t go too far from the oven!

And then, that’s it … enjoy!!!

Warm, or hours later when it’s colder …


Try only not to finish it too quickly!!!


20150213_233302             20150214_112441

See you soon ….

thanks again for reading me ….



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