Black cabbage and pumpkin … colours and vegetables!

Winter time, still …

What about a warm second dish with just healthy vegetables?

Black cabbage … very common in Tuscan dishes, a bit bitter but nice just because of its character.


And pumpkin! Yes it’s Carneval …


So let’s start cooking them separately … For the cabbage just water (add the cabbage when the water’s boiling), for the pumpkin first a red onion with some garlic to be dried a bit in the sauce pan with some oil (always extra virgin), before adding the “orange”…



The pumpkin has to become soft (test it with a fork, if it’s still too hard wait, and it has to loose a bit of water too).

The cabbage as well, you will see, from hard big leaves, it will get softer (again, not too soft, but a bit yes, see the differences in the pictures?).



When the cabbage is cooked just cut it in smaller pieces and then add it to the pumpkin, so that the two could get well married together.




Add a bit of water (just a very tiny bit) and some cous cous.

It will take a few more minutes, just the time for the cous cous to cook.


Go on stirring just a few seconds, paying attention not to burn anything. But all the remaining water has to evaporate.


Ok …

Now you are free to see what spices you prefer to add.

Ginger, some chili … your taste!

And don’t forget extra virgin olive oil (if you wish even some fresh garlic too, cut in tiny small pieces or smashed).

And ENJOY!!!

I advise you to try it even cold the day after or in the same evening (if you prepare it lunch time).

It’s really tasty!



The bitter of the cabbage with the sweet of the pumpkin …

Remember the opposites attract each other!


See you next!!!









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