Pumpkin risotto – perfect cold winter dish and for Carnival !!!

What the best on a cold winter day than a PUMPKIN RISOTTO?

And the orange colour will cheer you up for sure, and remember the Carnival time !!!

Ok, so let’s start as usual with a sauce pan, some extra virgin olive oil, garlic and one onion cut in small slices.

Let it cook just a very little time, the time actually you will cut and wash the pumpkin.

(Low the flame if it’s too high and burns too much the onion).

Then add the orange touch, and stirr. Let it cook with a low flame again not to burn everything.




It will take how much? Ten minutes? Actually even less.

So the change in colour and texture (less volume, softer) you will notice it in the picture just below.




Ok so, next to this sauce pan while the pumpkin is cooking you could boil the rice (not too much water, but enough

not to let all of it going away with the heat).

I do like Basmati rice type but it could be even a classical Carnairoli …


Then add the rice in the pumpkin sauce pan when it’s done.


And that’s it.

If the rice has still too much water with it, wait a couple of minutes stirring, waiting for it to evaporate.


Ok, so it’s ready!!!

You could top it with some room temperature extra virgin olive oil, a little bit of ginger in powder to stress the

sweetness of the pumpking but with a zest of personality.

Parmesan cheese why not, even a more salted cheese could be good (like a Pecorino Romano i.e.).

But as usual too much is too much. So you could keep it simple as it is.

Just some salt if necessary and extra virgin olive oil.


I love this dish, and it’s rich in Vitamin A!!! (you see the colour… and think about your eyes … yes,

you need to eat orange stuff to keep your eyes and sight in shape! don’t forget!!!)




See you next post, with great pleasure …

This evening I have to confess I’ve done the artichokes again … I am a kind of addicted to them …

Never mind.

Nutrition … Variety is the key word for an healthy eating.

So keep going, don’t be afraid, make experiments, try new flavours and taste …

Trust your palate!

Good luck!!!



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