TROUT … when fish could be just delicious itself!

Ok …

Fish …

Healthy, tasty … simply amazing …

Yesterday I’ve decided to buy a trout …

I was a bit scared of how to cook it but it was easier than I thought!

I had to clean it first: remove the entrails, just making a straight cut, and pulling out all of it.

Then with a knife I removed the scales.

Easy. 5 minutes, no more.

And that’s it!

A bit of garlic if you wish.

People advice for rosemary, or other herbs.

I kept it simple, also because I didn’t have them.

So here it is!


trota ok


What is important is to cook it covered, otherwise it will burn immediately. As you could see from the picture the water evaporates, but it remains in the sauce-pan.

So I just turned it when the eye became grey.

And waited for another 5-10 minutes.

And it was done!

The garlic I just added a couple of pieces in the pan (with no skin, and cleared and cut in 2 halves).

I have to tell you that I managed to break the trout when I turned it, as you could see in this other picture, but the result was really amazing … the taste … incredible … and perfectly cooked.

You realize the fish is cooked when the meat is easily detachable from the bones (it doesn’t stick to it). And trying to check that, I removed some of the fillets from the bones just to be sure  it was done!

Regarding the presentation next one will be better! Sorry about that.

But really worthy doing it.

I enjoyed it with a side dish just made of onions and courgettes stirred fried.

2013-04-24 20.31.28


Sometimes is better to keep it simple!

Of course while eating it I’ve found a few very tiny bones … but that’s part of the game! As wishing to have  a rose with no thorns …

Fish is like that.

But eating is enjoying, so it requires some time to dedicate to it.

So enjoy!

As I really did.


Thanks for reading me.

See you next post!




FENNEL – Purifying and healthy

2013-04-13 21.09.08

Today something quick, nothing to cook.

Just fennels! Fresh and delicious … and what’s more: healthy!

Cut them in small pieces in a bowl. Then add balsamic vinegar, one garlic cut in very tiny pieces, and some ginger in powder.

Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil … and job done!

Stirr well and simply enjoy!

It was my dinner yesterday evening and I can tell you, really tasty.

The ginger cuts the acitity of the vinegar and the garlic too gives the whole plate some “sweetness”.

Balsamic vinegar is also thick and it sticks perfectly to the fennel.

I was really satisfied.

Thanks for reading my experiments shared.