Aubergines – tasty and easy to be prepared in so many different recipes …


A quick side dish to be prepared that could be as well a delicious pasta sauce!

Aubergines with tomato sauce.

Very simple.

We start always with the garlic, the extra vergin olive oil in the sauce-pan, and of course onions, cut in small little slices.

When the onions start to get a little bit blond, add the aubergine, that meanwhile you should have cut in small cubes.

The easiest way to cut an aubergine, is always to cut it first in two halves by the long side, then on a surface, each half of them has to be cut still longitudinally in three parts.

And still keeping the three slices next to each other, just cut the three of them on the opposite way, perpendicularly in small cubes.

One of the main important thing to say, is that cooking aubergines takes a little time, because they are a bit hard, and cannot be eaten row.

So stir the aubergines in the saucepan paying attention not to get them burned.

They will start to shrink.

That’s the time (roughly after 5 minutes), to add some tomato sauce (the so called “pelati” in Italian).

Stir, and stir, because the sauce has to cook and become less waterish (or if there is not enough water, just add it, a little bit, because the sauce doesn’t have to stick to the sauce-pan and needs a little time to cook).

All depends on the water of the tomato sauce you add. The water has to evaporate, and the aubergines to become tender.

Ok, in 10 minutes more or less you will have a lovely aubergines dish that could be completed with chili, extra virgin olive oil, some herbs if you feel like, or if you want to add one mozzarella still in the sauce-pan to make it melt …

I just pictured them the simpliest way. Then you are free to be more creative and add flavours.




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