Dreaming the sea in the plate

Ok …

Today at lunch, my work lunch-break.

I have a bit less than an hour, to come home, cook, eat, wash the dishes, coffee of course, and then back to work.

But still I am not missing creativity to enjoy my food.

So I had some boiled spinach from yesterday evening, I bought them frozen I have to say, so not as tasty as the fresh ones but still spinach taste.

So in one sauce-pan I’ve boiled some spaghetti, in the other, onions (quite a lot, maybe you could use a bit less), garlic, oil (extra virgin always).

When the onions were already getting blond I’ve added the spinach, and then some anchoves paste (to be mixed very well, but the result is a nice creaminess, no butter needed), a bit of chili (dried small pieces and powder) and just a hint of dried ginger powder if you have it.

Stirring still on fire adding then the spaghetti too that meanwhile have cooked (rember they have to be “al dente”, never overcooked!),

that’s it!

Here you are!


2013-03-19 13.13.41 (1)

Something really tasty I have definitely enjoyed a lot!

And I am sure I am going to try this reciepe again in the future, I will let you know.

It’s like having dreamt a bit about the sea today …

It’s a plate that has reminded me of mussles, of “seppie in zimino” I had a few times at home (never done them myself) …

Let me know …

Thanks for reading!



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