Aubergines – tasty and easy to be prepared in so many different recipes …


A quick side dish to be prepared that could be as well a delicious pasta sauce!

Aubergines with tomato sauce.

Very simple.

We start always with the garlic, the extra vergin olive oil in the sauce-pan, and of course onions, cut in small little slices.

When the onions start to get a little bit blond, add the aubergine, that meanwhile you should have cut in small cubes.

The easiest way to cut an aubergine, is always to cut it first in two halves by the long side, then on a surface, each half of them has to be cut still longitudinally in three parts.

And still keeping the three slices next to each other, just cut the three of them on the opposite way, perpendicularly in small cubes.

One of the main important thing to say, is that cooking aubergines takes a little time, because they are a bit hard, and cannot be eaten row.

So stir the aubergines in the saucepan paying attention not to get them burned.

They will start to shrink.

That’s the time (roughly after 5 minutes), to add some tomato sauce (the so called “pelati” in Italian).

Stir, and stir, because the sauce has to cook and become less waterish (or if there is not enough water, just add it, a little bit, because the sauce doesn’t have to stick to the sauce-pan and needs a little time to cook).

All depends on the water of the tomato sauce you add. The water has to evaporate, and the aubergines to become tender.

Ok, in 10 minutes more or less you will have a lovely aubergines dish that could be completed with chili, extra virgin olive oil, some herbs if you feel like, or if you want to add one mozzarella still in the sauce-pan to make it melt …

I just pictured them the simpliest way. Then you are free to be more creative and add flavours.




2013-03-26 20.03.22



Dreaming the sea in the plate

Ok …

Today at lunch, my work lunch-break.

I have a bit less than an hour, to come home, cook, eat, wash the dishes, coffee of course, and then back to work.

But still I am not missing creativity to enjoy my food.

So I had some boiled spinach from yesterday evening, I bought them frozen I have to say, so not as tasty as the fresh ones but still spinach taste.

So in one sauce-pan I’ve boiled some spaghetti, in the other, onions (quite a lot, maybe you could use a bit less), garlic, oil (extra virgin always).

When the onions were already getting blond I’ve added the spinach, and then some anchoves paste (to be mixed very well, but the result is a nice creaminess, no butter needed), a bit of chili (dried small pieces and powder) and just a hint of dried ginger powder if you have it.

Stirring still on fire adding then the spaghetti too that meanwhile have cooked (rember they have to be “al dente”, never overcooked!),

that’s it!

Here you are!


2013-03-19 13.13.41 (1)

Something really tasty I have definitely enjoyed a lot!

And I am sure I am going to try this reciepe again in the future, I will let you know.

It’s like having dreamt a bit about the sea today …

It’s a plate that has reminded me of mussles, of “seppie in zimino” I had a few times at home (never done them myself) …

Let me know …

Thanks for reading!


QUICK AND SIMPLE LUNCH BREAK Pasta al pomodoro (tomato sauce pasta)


I am putting my dishes a bit random, but I have to start and go on from somewhere …

So after the complex rag├╣ sauce, let’s go back to something pretty much simple.

A plain tomato sauce pasta, rigatoni specifically.

2013-03-17 14.33.57

Rigatoni is a shape of pasta that goes amazingly with most sauces, because it’s able to retain the sauce.

Just pay attention to the cooking time.

Pasta never has to be overcooked! But “al dente” is always better.

It has to stick on the teeth. And apart from counting the minutes, that I never do, tasting is always the best judgment to see if it’s ready or not.

So … where do we start?

Tomatoes? Not really …

In one sauce-pan just put the water to boil for the pasta.

In another sauce-pan cut in some pieces the garlic, indispensable ingredient for most plates.

No vampires around afterwards, so it’s good!

Garlic, jokes apart, is really healthy. Prevents cancers too and it’s an antibacterial.

The only thing it has to be cleaned well, in the sense that the inner core (greenish straw) has to be removed.

That part of the garlic it’s not just bitter, but carcinogenic too!

So cut the clove of garlic in small pieces, add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and put the pan on the fire.

This way the oil gets flavours, then add an onion cut in small thin sliced pieces.

Even the onion has to be cleaned the same way as the garlic, for the same reasons!


When the onion starts to “shrink” add some chopped tomatoes (tomatoes chopped in a can).

If necessary ad half a glass of water, but the sauce doesn’t have to be too liquid, neither too solid.

Stirr it for a few minutes till when the tomatoes sauce starts boiling.

If it happens, turn the fire a bit down, otherwise you risk as well to paint in red all your kitchen walls, and hot tomato sauce is also extremely hot, so it can burn too a lot!

Not too much time on the fire.

Meanwhile you have cooked your rigatoni pasta, this way:

when the water is boiling the past has to be poured in the pot, not before!

Stirr not to get the pasta stick to each other or worst, to the bottom of the sauce pan.

Ok, so it will take less than 10 minutes, usually written, but just taste it from time to time to see how much time’s missing to get ready.

So, if you do the two things together, the pasta boiling and preparing the tomato sauce, you arrive where I left the sauce, that is almost ready.

Little by little add the rigatoni to the sauce, still in the sauce-pan on the fire, stirr and let the sauce enter in the pasta and mix.

After a couple of minutes you have a quick very enojoyable plate of pasta!

To garnish a bit of Extra Virgin Olive oil, and if you want some Pecorino Romano aged cheese grated on it that would add a touch of salt as well, salt that I didn’t put in the pasta.


If you find a Pecorino Cheese not fresh, with tomato sauces pasta it’s always a good alternative to Parmesan cheese, also because the saltiness of the cheese balances the almost sweetness of the tomatoes and onions.

Thanks for reading!

It’s a very simple pasta, everyone could make it, and it’s better than a sandwich for your stomach if you have time to cook, and eat with calmness.

For your health try always to enjoy the food slowly, chewing well, and tasting all the flavours, so the sandwich in half a second definitely is not what I would define healthy for an every day habit of lunch time eating.

And cooking is a pleasure always!

See you next post, hopefully soon…

But I need inspiration to write, and I am sincere with you, after the coffee I still a have a lovely pleasant aftertaste of the tomato sauce and pasta I’ve just made and had it, this grey Sunday… so I decided to write about it straight away!

Sometimes also simple dished are able to give great pleasures even with simple ingredients and not complex preparation …

Well …

Write to you soon.

Thanks again