Ragù … A proper amazing pasta sauce!

Ragù …

Let’s start from something very very classic!

Not difficult to make, but it takes a little while …

I’ve done it around five times I think, and it’s always amazing even to prepare …

Consider one hour between cutting all the vegetables and then the time cooking …

But you can prepare it and store then in the freezer for whenever you will need it!

Ok …

What do you need:

Onions, the red ones.




Minced meat.

Tomato sauce, a couple of cans.

Wine, red, a dry medium bodied one, but not too light though.

Of course a bit of extra virgin olive oil.

Salt and pepper but not that necessary.

Quantities …

Proportions are important in this recipe.

2012-12-04 19.51.17

Try to cut the vegetables as small as you can, but not too much smaller than one centimeter.

It won’t become a soup anyway!

So cut the onions, then the carrots and the celery.

2012-12-04 20.04.23

In a sauce pan put meanwhile a couple of spoons of extra virgin olive oil and put it on the fire.

Finish meanwhile to cut the celery and then put all the vegetables to roast in the oil now no more cold.

2012-12-04 20.12.39

Let the vegetables dry from their water without burning.

2012-12-04 20.17.05

Let the vegetables dry a bit on fire. Then add the minced meat.

2012-12-04 20.21.12

Let it dry too, without burning it of course. You have to be there, turning it, all around with a wooden big spoon, all the time.

It could stick as well at the bottom of the saucepan so pay attention!

When the meat will be no more pinky, then add some red wine.

Let the whole thing dry again, and turn it …

When it’s dry again it’s time for the tomato sauce, just after the persil.

2012-12-04 20.31.51

And from here on it will be minimum half an hour, slow cooking, not too high the flame, but the sauce has to cook, I mean

the tomato sauce with the whole rest, so patience.

2012-12-04 21.47.49

In the end it will not have to taste of tomato sauce.

You will see.

It will also become drier the whole sauce.

Some tomato sauces could be a bit watery, but do not worry, it will evaporate.

Just give it the time to dry.

So in the end you will enjoy something really tasty!!!!

And, as I did, store it in your freezer (wait for it to be cooled down first).

2012-12-04 23.11.25

This is an incredible pasta sauce.

You can finish with some grated parmisan cheese on the top of your plate if you like.

And I didn’t say it, but while preparing the sauce you could add salt and pepper if you want.

Not too much salt, think about your blood pressure! The meat is already tasty and the tomato sauce as well.

So hopefully you are gonna make a great ragù sauce!

Just try.

And to be sincere, everytime, to me, it has come out different.

But I can tell you it’s worthy preparing it.

And think about some tasty lasagne … you have to start from the ragù sauce too!!!!

So enjoy and thanks for reading!!!!



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